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Made by South Africans
For South Africans
In Richmond

Agricultural Tools

Unique Design

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Interchangeable components

Planters Hoe

Raze Products started manufacturing agricultural hoes 4 years ago.
The unique design alleviates all the problems normally associated with the conventional eyelet hoe, and incorporates a range of handles, all solidly bolted to the collar.

The Hoe

The unique design and angle of the blade makes the hoe more efficient when hoeing or weeding.
Another feature is that the hoe is self-sharpening.
Manufactured from spring steel, the worn out blade is simply unbolted and replaced. The hoe is designed and manufactured by farmers in Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal, who understand the extreme conditions required in farming and forestry.


This means that by simply unbolting the hoe head, adaptations can be made
using the standard

Included in the range (which may be bolted to the collar) are hoes in three widths: 150mm, 200mm, 250mm.


Raze products are renowned for their durability, versatility and ease of operation. Please feel free to browse around our website and CLICK HERE to contact us.